"I cannot express what Choice Care has meant to me. I was so unhappy and stressed out before and my husband was NOT getting the type of care that he needed, but I did not know what to do. Then my physician told me about Choice Care.

Our provider is wonderful and our lives are so improved. We are so happy and I am no longer a bundle of stress. it is like a whole new world here."

-J. Gehrig

"Our service provider has been exceptional in establishing rapport and maintaining rapport with my family."

-C. & M. Beam

"The service was exactly as advertised. My helper, Mirriam, was very efficient, dependable, and pleasant. Would expect to use your service again in the future."

-J. Rowe

"I have been very pleased with the response times and quality of care received by my husband who has lung cancer."

-J. Smith

"Very Attentive."

-W. Kellogg

"They are doing a great job communicating the needs of our ward. Thank You."

-R.J. Wilson

"I was pleasantly surprised at a recent visit to my uncle's home. I was able to sit in his bedroom for 2 hours and have a discussion with him. It takes a special person to deal with a hoarder, especially with 30 years of dirt, filth, and trash. It is no pleasant walk in the park. He is stubborn, eccentric, and opinionated. I appreciate all that Joslyn has accomplished."

What OUR providers say

"I have worked for Beth Lamb off and on for over 20 years. Patients always come first. She keeps in touch with you and the patient, making sure you're doing well and respect each other. "

-D. Owenby

"Wishing you both a very enjoyable Holiday Season. Thank you for providing all of us with this wonderful way to earn a living, and for doing it so well!"