Handout Index

We have a variety of handouts focusing on specific topics. Check these out!

Care Settings Handouts

Services for care at home [PDF]

  • Private pay (out of pocket)
  • Community programs
  • Services paid for by Medicare

When you know a move is needed [PDF]

  • Moving sooner is better than later
  • What to do with their stuff?
  • Look ahead when downsizing

When staying at home isn’t an option [PDF]

  • When should you choose a skilled nursing facility?
  • What is "assisted living"?
  • What is a memory unit?

Skilled nursing facilities [PDF]

  • Making the transition to "rehab"
  • Who is who?
  • The care plan and meeting

Getting help to pay for care [PDF]

  • What is a "Medicaid spend down"?
  • Is a reverse mortgage appropriate?
  • Using long-term care insurance

Common Conditions Handouts

Bladder Issues [PDF]

  • The overactive bladder
  • Is twice a night too much?
  • BPH: Weighing surgical options

Caregiving through cancer treatment [PDF]

  • Side effects of treatment
  • "Chemobrain"
  • Reducing the nausea of chemo

Preventing Colds and Flu [PDF]

  • Preparing ahead of time
  • It's flu season
  • Preventing pneumonia

Living with COPD [PDF]

  • Preventing flare-ups
  • COPD warning signs
  • Sing a song for COPD

Is your loved one depressed? [PDF]

  • When depression goes untreated
  • Treating depression

Living with Heart Failure [PDF]

  • Avoiding crises with heart failure
  • Addressing Fatigue
  • Reducing Salt

Kidney Disease and Dialysis [PDF]

  • The decision to start dialysis
  • Medical management without dialysis
  • The decision to stop dialysis

Osteoporosis: Strengthen bones. Prevent falls. [PDF]

  • Signs of osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis: What you can do
  • Addressing the risk of a fall

Living with Parkinson’s Disease [PDF]

  • Dietary tips to ease common problems
  • Fighting Parkinson's with exercise
  • Communication challenges

Daily Life Handouts

Preventing falls [PDF]

  • Maintaining balance
  • A home safety review
  • Balance exercises

Independence: Staying mobile on your feet [PDF]

  • Start a safe walking routine
  • When Dad resists a walker
  • If Mom is afraid of falling again

Car tips for family caregivers [PDF]

  • Wheelchairs and your car
  • Car gadgets and tips
  • The caregiver-friendly car

Should Dad still be driving? [PDF]

  • Help Mom be a safer driver
  • Alternatives to driving

Low vision and vision loss [PDF]

  • Emotions following the diagnosis
  • Slowing the progression of glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration

Home modifications for vision loss [PDF]

  • Low-vision kitchen
  • Low-vision bathroom

Dementia Handouts

Worried Dad might have dementia? [PDF]

  • Consider MCI (mild cognitive impairment)
  • Talking about brain health
  • What's in an Alzheimer's test?

Living with early-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Balancing safety and independence
  • Dementia and advance care planning
  • The ability to make decisions

Living with mid-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Avoiding the "War of the Wardrobe"
  • Mealtime and dementia
  • Bathing and dementia

Living with late-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Visits and meaningful activities
  • Music: The universal language
  • Nonverbal signs of pain

Living with final-stage dementia [PDF]

  • Dad can't brush his teeth
  • Frequent infections
  • Hallucinations

Dementia: Difficult situations [PDF]

  • Embarrassing behaviors
  • Distraction techniques
  • "Lie to my mom?"

Wandering [PDF]

  • How to discourage wandering
  • Preparing for a safe return
  • Engaging activities

Dementia and communication [PDF]

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Repetitive questions

Dementia travel [PDF]

  • Is travel realistic?
  • Packing for the trip
  • Navigating the airport

End-of-Life and Grief Handouts

Funeral planning [PDF]

  • Funeral logistics
  • An affordable, meaningful funeral
  • Your loved one's wishes

Health care planning [PDF]

  • The advance directive
  • Choosing a decision maker
  • If you are chosen

Health care planning and the MOST [PDF]

  • The advance directive
  • Choosing a decision maker
  • The MOST

Suppose they don’t get better… [PDF]

  • Transitioning from curative care
  • Writing the last chapter

When death is near [PDF]

  • How you can help
  • Immediately after a death

Once your loved one has died [PDF]

  • Waves of emotions
  • What to do after a death
  • Eventual reentry

Grief, loss and bereavement [PDF]

  • Emotions when caregiving ends
  • Reentry
  • Healing power of remembrance

Family Caregiving Basics Handouts

When a loved one needs help [PDF]

  • 10 warning signs
  • What help is needed?
  • Getting realistic. Creating a team.

Family Caregiving 101 [PDF]

  • Financial/legal aspects of caregiving
  • Pacing yourself

Family Caregiver Factsheet [PDF]

  • We Honor Family Caregivers

“I don’t need help!” [PDF]

  • Cost and Control
  • Privacy and Pride

Is your loved one prepared for a disaster? [PDF]

  • Making a plan
  • The "Go Bag"
  • The "Stay Box"

Caring from a distance [PDF]

  • Four long-distance strategies
  • Easing the disruption of travel
  • Visits: More than just business

Conquering guilt. Becoming resilient. [PDF]

  • The resilient family caregiver
  • Too much empathy?
  • Setting limits, nicely

Making wise decisions [PDF]

  • Decisions without regret
  • Cooling down to make a decision
  • Avoiding decision fatigue

Medication Concerns [PDF]

  • Drug Misuse
  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Pain in Serious Illness

Gifts for older adults [PDF]

  • For those with memory loss
  • For the socially isolated

Family Dynamics Handouts

Family dynamics [PDF]

  • Calling a family meeting
  • Are you the primary caregiver?
  • If you are not the primary caregiver

Preserving the relationship with the person you care for [PDF]

  • Visits: More than just business
  • "I can't get Dad to budge!"
  • Setting limits: Saying “no” nicely

Difficult Family Relationships [PDF]

  • When you feel more resentment than love
  • Dealing with criticism
  • When mom is outright mean

Finances Handouts

Managing money [PDF]

  • What you need to know
  • Tips and helpful tools
  • Starting the conversation

Hospice Action Plans (CAHPS) Handouts

When death is near [PDF]

  • How you can help
  • Immediately after a death

Hospitalizations Handouts

Hospitalizations: Before you go [PDF]

  • Choosing a hospital? Look to the stars
  • Preparing for a hospital stay
  • If you are the "health care proxy"

Hospitalizations: During your stay [PDF]

  • Walking your way out of the hospital
  • Keeping a clear mind
  • Advocating for a good night's sleep

Hospitalizations: Coming home [PDF]

  • Making the transition
  • Medication review
  • The post-discharge appointment

Self-Care Handouts

Changing your mind about stress [PDF]

  • When circumstances are beyond your control
  • Working smarter
  • Living with uncertainty

Avoiding burnout [PDF]

  • Stress or burnout?
  • Preventing burnout
  • Take a break: Options for respite

The losses of caregiving [PDF]

  • Acknowledging your losses
  • Overcoming sadness
  • Journaling with care

Common caregiving emotions: Worry, anger, negativity [PDF]

  • Curb your negative thinking
  • "Sometimes I feel furious!"
  • When worrying doesn't stop

Caregiving Holiday Blues [PDF]

  • Coping with the holiday blues
  • Addressing your losses
  • Supporting others in grief

Staying positive [PDF]

  • Adding humor to caregiving
  • The habit of happiness
  • Focus on the rewards of caregiving

Strokes Handouts

After a stroke: Movement and coordination [PDF]

  • Emotions following a stroke
  • When therapy is a workout
  • What is an occupational therapist?

After a stroke: Problems with speech and swallowing [PDF]

  • The emotional effects of a stroke
  • Communicating despite aphasia
  • What is a speech therapist?